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MMC Stepping TwoGether Edition GIFT

This robust course has all the transformative skills offered in Millionaire Marriage Club PLUS all the research proven strategies that help stepfamilies succeed.  Every module has a Stepping TwoGether Introduction and assignments and the life-changing skills delivered by MMC.  You get the best of both topics with MMC Stepping TwoGether Edition!

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The finest online relationship skills course available, The Millionaire Marriage Club combines 19 streaming lessons and study guides for lasting and enduring love:
  • Loving habits like how to express daily appreciations and affection
  • Learning how to give your love in the other’s love language
  • The skill of listening to each other with the intention to understand the others viewpoint
  • Choosing to deliver your message in ways that are easy to hear and understand
  • Learning how to have a Skilled Discussion, to talk about anything without fighting
  • Effective anger management skills, so that you maintain respect 24/7
  • Uncovering and replacing faulty beliefs with positive to support a healthy lifetime relationship
  • A problem solving skill to resolve any issue with a plan that meets both person's needs
  • Unlimited access to revisit, review and refine these skills until they become your new normal

Couples look forward to a weekly date that's packed with new skills, fun exercises and a priceless expression of love that was dreamed of when they said, "I do."

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