Millionaire Marriage Club

Welcome to the Millionaire Marriage Club! I don’t just tell you to have a great marriage…

I teach you HOW TO make it happen!

When you join the club, you will immediately receive:

  1. All 19-half hour lessons organized in 8 modules covering skills such as: Communicating to deepen connection, resolving conflicts with win/win solutions, adjusting beliefs to support a great marriage, and how to keep romance alive.
  2. Downloadable Audio lesson files so you can learn while you drive or exercise.
  3. A PLAYBOOK with clear step-by-steps to successfully practice powerful skills.
  4. ALL the chapters of my book, “How to Stay Married & Love It! Solving the Puzzle of a SoulMate Marriage. (Paperback and Audio versions are available on
  5. Immediate access to our Club Members Only Facebook Page for awesome support.
  6. The option of three group coaching sessions with Nancy.

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Invest in full in order to receive the added benefit of three group coaching sessions from Nancy. One per month for the first three months of your membership. The lessons are awesome, but many couples can also benefit by the in-person encouragement and wisdom from Nancy’s 25 years of experience.


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